The Story Behind The Callista

This residential project — a deeply personal one for the Szotaks —  is named for the daughter of dear friends. Callista, whose name is Greek for “she who is most beautiful,” was just seven months old when she succumbed to illness. Her memory, though, is very much alive in her mother, her father, and everyone who knew them.

Like a butterfly who has to struggle to be free of its cocoon, Callista fought bravely in the last months of her life. Though her body lost the battle with illness, her spirit was released. In many cultures, butterflies are thought to carry the souls of those who have passed away. In Ancient Greek, the language from which Callista’s name comes, the word for butterfly is “psyche,” which means “soul.” The butterfly sculpture in the lobby of The Callista, then, will honor not only Callista’s life, but also her soul, which is flying free.